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Smart Home Automation in Acworth, GA

We Serve Cobb County and the Greater Metro Atlanta Area

The “smart home” was once found only in science-fiction stories and exhibits at expositions. But smart home automation has arrived and is ready to become part of your home. This may sound complicated, but you’ll be surprised at how easily our experts can equip your house with the best products, such as the Nexia smart home system with Trane’s innovative ComfortLink™ controls.

Handling the best in technology is one of our specialties at Dayco Systems. Our technicians go through continuous training to stay up-to-date on the latest advances. We are focused on exceptional customer service and quality products, and we back up all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Work with the smart home automation pros for Acworth and the Greater Metro Atlanta Area. Contact us today to get started!

Why Invest in Smart Home Automation?

Homeowners are always looking for ways to cut back on unnecessary expenses. At first glance, installing a Nexia smart home automation system or other smart home devices may seem unnecessary. But the benefits of this investment are high and soon pay back the costs. Here are a few of the benefits of smart home products installed by professionals:

  • The Best Temperature Adjustments: You have complete control over the comfort in your home—no matter where you are. Link remotely to your home’s HVAC system through an app from anywhere you have connectivity. Always return home to ideal temperatures without wasting any energy.
  • Complete Schedule Settings: You don’t have to use a simple morning/afternoon schedule as with a standard programmable thermostat. The Nexia smart thermostat lets you create settings with as much variety as your like. Nexia makes it easy for you to save money.
  • Smart Features: What makes smart home automation so smart? The system learns from your patterns of use to create its own settings that maximize energy efficiency without comfort sacrifice. Your Nexia smart thermostat will find ways to save energy that you never even considered.
  • Alerts: Thanks to Nexia Diagnostics, you’ll receive alerts to catch HVAC problems early. And you won’t be the only one alerted: your installer (that’s us!) will receive an alert as well.
  • Home Connectivity: Now we come to the "smart home" part. Nexia allows you to connect to other products throughout your house for a fully networked experience. You can communicate with security systems, lighting, electrical, doors, windows, sprinklers, and much more.

Only Trust Professionals for Home Automation Products in Acworth, GA

Because it’s easy for people to shop online for all types of advanced home technology devices, it’s tempting to look up smart thermostats and home automation products to buy on your own. However, you shouldn’t go this route. Even if you’re thinking of asking a professional to install the product, it may not work with your current HVAC system. The computer algorithms of advanced climate controls can interfere with older HVAC systems and even damage them.

The best way to safely and effectively enjoy a great smart home system is to go to the Acworth and Greater Metro Atlanta Area professionals from the start. Call our experts at Dayco Systems and schedule an appointment to find out more about the smart home devices that are ideal for you. We offer free estimates on installations.

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