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Duct System Efficiency Testing in Acworth, GA

We Serve Cobb County and the Greater Metro Atlanta Area

You cannot see most of the ductwork that makes up the ventilation system of your home. It’s not attractive to have plastic and metal ducts visible throughout the living spaces! But because the ductwork is hidden, it’s easy for you to take its performance for granted. Unfortunately, leaking and poorly designed ducts are common and can cause troubles for years before they’re discovered.

We recommend scheduling duct testing and other duct system efficiency tests for your home. Our experienced technicians at Dayco Systems have certifications, up-to-date training, and the finest equipment to do the job. We’re a family-owned business servicing Acworth and the Greater Metro Atlanta area, and we’ll earn you confidence and trust through our old-fashioned values of honesty and hard work.

Enjoy better home efficiency in Acworth and the Greater Metro Atlanta Area—contact us today to get started!

Duct Problems Are Worse Than You May Believe

What’s so wrong with a few leaks along the ducts? Or a few ducts that weren’t sized right when they were put in? Plenty. Just a few leaks on their own can contribute to losing 30% of the conditioned air passing through the ventilation system. That’s money spent on running the HVAC system that goes to waste. Proper duct repair, duct sealing, and duct replacement can restore the efficiency of the HVAC system, provide better air circulation, and help keep contaminants out of the household air.

Ways to Test Duct System Efficiency

We recommend you have duct testing if your ducts are more than five years old and have never been checked. You should also schedule testing if you notice signs of duct leakage and pressure loss, such as odd smells from the ducts, rising utility bills, higher humidity, uneven heating and cooling, and rattling sounds from the vents.

Our technicians test duct efficiency by sealing off the ventilation system and changing the pressure inside the ductwork. This duct pressure test finds out how airtight the ventilation system is, so it’s also a duct leakage test. We’ll be able to tell, based on changes in pressure readings, how efficient the ducts are—and what we need to do to improve them.

Schedule Duct Testing in Acworth, GA and Metro Atlanta

You can count on our experts to handle the duct leakage test and duct pressure test quickly and with minimal inconvenience to your household. After we’ve finished, we’ll either give your ventilation system a clean bill of health or present you with a list of services, such as duct sealing or duct replacement, that we recommend. We are always honest and won’t try to sell you on services you don’t need. Dayco Systems has earned a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness over the years we’ve served Acworth and the Greater Metro Atlanta Area—we have three generations of HVAC excellence!

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