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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Acworth, GA

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Also known as HRV systems and ERV systems, heat and energy recovery ventilators are installed into home HVAC systems to allow fresh air into a home without sacrificing HVAC efficiency. These systems, when expertly installed by the team here at Dayco Systems, offer an ingenious solution to homeowners. 

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Take the strain off of your air conditioning and heating systems while bringing in fresh outdoor, pre-cooled or pre-heated air with our HRV and ERV system services. 

For quality heat and energy recovery ventilator services, contact our experts today. We serve Cobb County and the Greater Metro Atlanta Area!


How Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators Work

When you open a window on a hot day to bring in fresh air, you also bring in heat. This means much of the energy used to power the AC goes to waste and you have a less comfortable house. But now imagine harnessing the energy your AC has already used to cool the indoor air and applying it to the incoming fresh air to cool it as well. That’s what an ERV/HRV system does.

Using the example above, here is how an ERV can help you enjoy fresh outdoor air on a hot day. The ERV draws two currents of air into it: one a current of fresh but hot air from outside, and the other a current of cool but stale air from inside. The two currents pass through the ERV and move past each other, where heat leaves the incoming fresh air and cools it. The fresh air entering the house is now pre-cooled, and the stale air is exhausted outside. The process works in reverse during cold weather: the warm indoor air pre-heats the cold outdoor air.

HRV vs. ERV—Which Is Best for Your House?

An HRV works similarly to an ERV, but there is one important difference. In an ERV, the two air currents can exchange moisture because they come into contact. In an HRV, the two currents don’t touch and use a heat exchanger to transfer energy. This means an HRV system won’t alter humidity levels, while an ERV offers some humidity control. One of our professionals can help you determine which type is suited to your home. Heat recovery ventilators are more effective in colder climates, while energy recovery ventilators are powerful for humid summer days.

The Up-to-Date Comfort Experts in Acworth, GA

Dayco Systems believes in continuing education for our staff so that we’re current with the best in comfort technology for homes. You can put your full trust in us to get jobs done right the first time. It’s why we can offer the guarantees that we do. Along with our services for heating and air conditioning, we excel at indoor air quality solutions for homeowners in Acworth and the Greater Metro Atlanta Area. Schedule service today and we’ll help you enjoy the best comfort and health in your home.

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