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“Should I Buy a Dual Fuel System?”

Monday, April 25th, 2022

If you’re considering a new air conditioner, now is the time to schedule an installation–temperatures have a few months to reach their warmest and technicians are less busy with emergency service calls than they would be during the summer or even the middle of winter–we may not get bitterly cold here long term, but we can still definitely deal with some chilly weather!

That said, if you’re looking for an air conditioner, and your heating system is also about to call it quits, you might want to consider a dual fuel system! This is a combination heat pump and furnace that offers you the best of both worlds for year-round comfort–effective cooling and efficient heating. Read on to learn more!

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How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Monday, December 27th, 2021

When it comes to heating or cooling your home, there are many options to choose from. If you don’t already have a heat pump system in place, you might wonder what the big deal is! Are heat pumps really all that great? Well, they are for many homes! Your home just might be one of them.

A heat pump system is very similar to a central air conditioner, with one big difference–not only does it cool your home, but it also has heating capabilities–we’ll dive into the “how” of that below! Go ahead and read on to learn more about heat pumps, and how one of these systems could benefit your home!

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