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Top Q&A’s

Are You Having Issues Getting Equipment?

All HVAC dealers are having difficulties getting parts and equipment compared to 2 years ago. Dayco has expanded its capabilities to acquire what our customers need by creating new relationships with suppliers.

What is Your Labor Warranty?


What is Your Parts Warranty?

10-Years through the Manufacturer.

Are Warranties Transferable?

Dayco warranties, such as repair or installation warranties, are transferrable. Equipment warranties are for parts failures on equipment under 10-years old and are from the manufacturer.

Do I Need to Register the Warranty Myself?

No. Dayco registers all equipment for warranty purposes.

What Other Guarantees Do You Have?

Dayco guarantees all work period. We stand behind our work and guarantee all quality.

Can You Provide License and Insurance?

Yes, Dayco is fully licensed and insured.

Why is the Price So High?

Dayco has had to raise its prices over the last 24-months due to the effects of Covid 19, supply chain issues, etc. Just as we have all felt the effects of these economic forces in every aspect of our lives.

Why is the Price So High Compared to Other Trane Dealers?

Some dealers may not be keeping up with the price increases that all companies are dealing with, which could get them in trouble.

Will I Get a Better Price in the Winter?

We usually run rebates through the manufacturer on full systems in the Fall/Winter.

How Much Will I Save Upgrading My System?

Upgrading your system saves you money in multiple ways:

  • Upgraded systems are designed and tested to use less energy to do the same amount of work.
  • Lower SEER systems are old technology and are being phased out by the Department of Energy, making them difficult or impossible to service.
  • Waiting to replace old equipment costs you money by current high inflation rates and price hikes.

I Purchased My Own Equipment; Can Dayco Install It for Me?

No, Dayco will only install equipment provided by Dayco Systems.

I Am Building a House; Can I Get My Heating and Cooling from Dayco?

Unfortunately, right now Dayco cannot provide equipment or installation for new construction.

Do You Have Payment Options?

Yes! All new installations and most repairs can be financed.

Do You Use Sub-Contractors?

No. We never use sub-contractors. We have Dayco and Industry trained Service and Install Professionals.

Are There Any Special Deals Going on at the Moment?

We have special deals going on for most of the year. Your technician or Comfort Advisor can confirm what current deals are available. You can also check out our Promotions tab on our website under the About Us section.

How Much Experience Does Your Install Team Have?

Our Lead Installers all have at least 2-years’ experience at Dayco which equates to hundreds of installations, and most are veterans with decades of experience.

Do You Haul Off Old Equipment?

All old equipment is removed and recycled by Dayco Systems.

How Long Does It Take to Install After an Agreement is Made/Turnaround Time?

The amount of time between the customer deciding and Dayco getting the job on the schedule depends on the time of year. The hotter it is outside, the quicker our schedule fills up. It is best to make quick decisions to reserve the best spots on the schedule. Time between agreeing to install may also depend on equipment availability.

Will Operations Be Explained to Me Once the Job is Complete?

The Lead Installer will spend time with the customer at the end of the job to do a walk through and answer any questions and explain basic operation.

Is My System Sized Correctly?

The Comfort Advisor will perform a load calculation to confirm the correct size of the system.

What Kind of Service Plan is Offered to Ensure My Equipment Lasts?

Dayco includes a free 1-year VIP Club Maintenance with every installation to ensure proper operation. Ask Customer Service about our Maintenance Program after the first year to continue regular maintenance.

Do You Have Emergency Services After-Hours?

Yes. We have an on-call technician available that gets dispatched by our professionally trained HVAC answering service.

What Brand/Types of Equipment Do You Offer?

We service all brands; we can install all brands, but we are a certified Trane dealer.

How Long Will This System Potentially Last?

The average life span of HVAC equipment is 15 years.

If My New System Needs a Part, How Long Will It Take?

Most parts are readily available. Some parts may be affected by shortages and could take days, or in rare cases, even weeks.

How Long Has Dayco Been in Business?

Dayco opened its doors in 2006.

If I Have a Problem, Are You A 24-Hour Service?

We have technicians on call 24-7.

How Much are Your Maintenance Plans?

$160 for one system, $256 for two systems. Call for additional system pricing. This includes a Spring/Fall visit. 20% off repairs and lifetime guarantee. For more details, visit the Maintenance tab on our website.

What Do You Do on a Maintenance?

We check all components of either the cooling or heating system depending on the season for proper operation. This reduces the risk of a breakdown during peak operating periods of the year.

Do I Need to Replace My (A/C or Furnace) When I Replace My (A/C or Furnace)?

If both units are the same age, we recommend replacement of both. Leaving an older unit in place puts the customer at risk of high dollar repairs soon after an install.

What Can I Check Before Having to Call?

  • Sometimes a breaker can be switched off, making it seem like your unit is no longer working. We recommend checking your breakers before contacting us.
  • Check the filter before contacting us too.